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Born and raised in a small village north of Toronto, Ontario, John started into retail window coverings from scratch, knocking door to door and soliciting his first sales back in 1984. Recalling one of those door knocking excursions while canvassing a prestigious neighbourhood, when his old beater car flat out died ... it was humbling having to push-start it and press on.

With the same determination, growth required opening a retail store and the family business became well known for providing high quality products and service over the following 10 years.

In 1995, a subsidiary company was opened in Ft. Worth, Texas where a shift was made into the hospitality industry. John entered hospitality installation services across the United States before returning to Canada, eventually settling in Western Alberta. 

John installs drapery and shade products on Vancouver Island and is based out of Victoria, BC.

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John Dawson
Drape Installer Directory

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In addition to commercial installation services, we provide an online presence for installers, manufacturers, designers, decorators and window fashions related services to connect and network. 

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Never hesitate to call or email me if you are stuck for an installer. We work close with our teams and will be glad to do what we can in connecting you to the right one, if at all possible!

Victoria, BC